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Party September 1

We will be having a partyat our place on September 1 to celebrate my birthday and the end of summer. We'll get out an invitation closer to the event, but I just wanted to note the date now.


While I don't have any moving plans this year that I know of, that is Boston Annual Moving Clusterfuck Day, so I expect it'll be a conflict for someone...
I don't choose when Labor Day falls, but that's when our family has
that party.


happy belated birthday - and hi!

hey Sam

It's Amy Burnett, from LBJ. Hope you had a fun birthday and are doing well. Your name cropped up twice recently - first when I went to Dresden to hang out with Alex Bird and then recently when me and Valerie Virta caught up. Everyone asks how you are. Have seen a few LBJ people in the past few years...Charles and then Gordon, funnily enough!

If you want to catch me, I own the url for amyriley.com so just send something that way. It'd be great to link up again after all this time.