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I have several blog entries I need to find time to write:
  • No Bills for Nancy—9 years later it's still the best bug I've ever run across
  • Chernobyl development: what happens when there is a complete disconnect between product management and engineering.
  • Commentary on social engineering based on an experience my mom had.
  • Quality matters: your hobby's sprintf costs us thousands.
  • And I really need to write something in Zoe's blog.
Hopefully I'll find time to work on these soon.


Based on those summaries, I'm most interested in the bug and the sprintf one, although perhaps Zoe has interesting perspectives on one or both :)


I used that as an interview question one time - with someone who turned out to have worked at the place that found it :-)

What's distressing is that it got fixed... and then *reverted* due to being consistent with the underlying libc (which is, I think, wrong but in a way that subtle to articulate...)