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Dear TDAmeritrade: when I'm explaining to you that while I'm not currently closing my existing accounts, I am sufficiently dissatisfied with the interaction I have received so far that I'm not going to open an individual 401K with you, the following responses did not convince me I was wrong.
  • What do you want? A good back office and customer service or quality investment advice? (Apparently I don't get both.)
  • I am an expert. I just don't know how to mail things out or how our system works. I do understand how to design portfolios!
  • I'm good at designing portfolios; I agree you are basically not going to out perform an index.
  • Don't you think you're being unreasonable.
  • Your account is not big enough to get good service


Ah, a kindred spirit then! We should definitely be introduced the next time we are at the same social event. I promise not to commiserate too much.
Are you in the downtown office? If so, he's right next door, you guys can meet for lunch.
Manchester, NH Branch. Though I know the guys in Boston quite well.