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How to hire someone to run ethernet in a home

So, I'd really like an ethernet cable run across my basement and presented through a standard RJ45 jack at faceplates in two first-floor rooms. I think appropriate locations for faceplates exist. I kind of feel like this is the sort of thing I'd probably do for myself if I were sighted, but I need to hire someone to do it. I'm looking for someone significantly lower budget than a professional networking installer for a business: I need one cable, no punchdown blocks, etc. However I do want someone who can test the cable, etc.

How do you go about finding help for something like this?


Perhaps just a normal electrician?
I suspect TD Electric and Gibbons Electric
(who both seem decent) will both do this...
I suspect that it may still be ~$200-$300 just
for the labor of driving there and spending
the hour or two and stapling down the cable
and cutting holes for faceplates and cleaning up.
I'm not sure I would trust any random normal electrician to know how to correctly test an ethernet cable to make sure the twist has been kept tight enough to make the cable work well at high frequencies.
No, a normal electrician won't; nor will they have the testing equipment to find out if they got it right. That said, we had a normal electrician run the cable in our remodel, which I then terminated and tested for continuity; as a practical matter, it's proven good at 100 mbps.
Is it only the 2 jacks (and I assume really 2 cables), Are the 'appropriate locations' inside walls, and does the basement not have a ceiling? If so, this is pretty easy, and I'd be glad to help you out some evening (I don't live all that far away), and I have most if not all the tools (and probably even some left over parts from when I wired bits of my house).

Having said that, I won't be around most of the time till late next week (I think Thursday 8/27 is free for me)


ethernet over powerline

A somewhat less tasteful alternative that could work, depending on your application, is using ethernet-over-powerline adapters, like the Linksys PLE200/PLE300.

Re: ethernet over powerline

Do those work any better than 802.11?


Re: ethernet over powerline

Slightly higher throughput over slightly higher distances.
I am somewhat curious what prevents a blind person from installing an ethernet cable and whether better tools could help.

One obvious issue is that the pairs of a cable are identified by the color code, but

a) I suspect if you held one pair of the cable in front of a color webcam against a black background, there could be software that would look at the image and tell you which color that pair is. (I don't think anyone has written this software, but I don't think it would be impossible to write.)

b) I think it may turn out that gigabit ethernet may not care if the pairs are in the ``wrong'' order (though it is probably important that the two pins that are supposed to go to a pair actually do go to one pair, and not two halves of two different pairs); though if you are going to install something in a house, it is probably worthwhile to get the color code right to save confusion for future users of that cable.

And then there's the issue that handling fiberglass insulation, if it's in the way, can be unpleasant, but I'm not sure how much sight actually helps you if it's there, though sight can be an effective way to determine whether it's there.

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