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Accountant Recommendation

I'm looking for a recommendation for an accountant. My current accountant is not following the terms of our engagement letter, does not answer the questions I ask, and really doesn't seem to understand IT well. In general, very much not a good fit. Also, they make errors (like screwing up my estimated taxes). I spend as much time checking their errors and getting them the information they would need as it would take me to do it all myself. Also, I kind of enjoy accounting.

Two options would make me happy. One option would be someone who would support me in case of an audit and who would answer questions on a time and materials basis. Under this model I'd do my own taxes and ask one-two questions a year, but they would help me put together a response to an audit if it happened.

The other model would be someone who would actually save me time by doing my taxes well enough that I actually saved time. I'd expect them to take a few reports from Painless Security's accounting system (I don't use Quickbooks), all my 1099s and any other paper forms that they need and produce taxes. They would also be available to answer accounting questions on a time and materials basis. They would need to deal well with the fact that I'm probablying using accounting software they have never heard of, although I can give them the data they nede as a CSV file.


The accountant we use is willing to work with GnuCash, he simply installed it on his own machine. However, he's in Hampton Falls, NH, at the end of a long muddy driveway.
My accountant is of the 2nd model. He's in Michigan, though, so I'm not sure if you'd be happy with a LDA (long-distance accountant). I can give you his contact info if you'd like.

September 2019

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