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our power is out

Our power lines our out—or rather down in our driveway along with the conduit that used to be attached to the rest of our house. mrw42 wrote up some questions. In particular:
The power lines to our house are down, and the conduit has been ripped off the side of our building. I called the electric company, and they said that we need to get an electrician to repair the conduit before they can reconnect the wires.

So, I have a few requests:

- Could anyone recommend an electrician north of Boston?
- We have two freezers (of the typical refrigerator/freezer size) full of stuff that would prefer not to be above freezing for any significant length of time. Does anyone have freezer space that we could use?
- Do you have somewhere that some or all of us could stay while we get this fixed? All of us includes
three adults and three kids (13, 11 and 2) these days. We also have two dogs and three cats, but we will
board them at a kennel if this is going to take a while.
- Have any of you experienced a similar situation? If so, do you have advice on what we should do? I'm
wondering, for example, whether we should do something to turn off the water so that our pipes don't freeze.


Hey hon,

You know our place isn't very big but if worse comes to worst, please don't hesitate to ask us specifically. We would be able to put up one person and/or one cat for a short time if you need it, but I suspect it's a good idea to let us remain a last option since it will be very crowded over here.

I wish we could do more. If we had our old place, you'd be all set. :(

Some electricians to try who I have used with good success in the past:

TD Electric
42 Fulton St
Medford, MA 02155-2650

Gibbons Electric
189 Broadway
Arlington, MA 02474

(I prefer TD Electric, and the owner is the son of my neighbor, but they're a small company so Gibbons may have people available more quickly.)

Good luck getting this resolved quickly!

September 2019

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