Sam Hartman (hartmans) wrote,
Sam Hartman

Pride 2011

I've always wanted to go to the Boston Pride celebration, but I tend to find out about it about a week after the fact. However, I noticed that pride was upcoming last week. I wasn't sure how the logistics would work; there seemed to be a lot of Pride related activities besides just the parade.

lindalee proposed that we take our families to the festival by Boston city hall after the parade. Our plans to go were almost canceled by the rain, but Zoe was going to have none of that. She had been promised a celebration and we were going to go! So, mrw42, Kevin, and I took Zoe, Rachel, and some of Rachel's friends into Boston. We met Linda and Katie there. Both Zoe and Katie were wearing rainbow dresses made by Linda.

I had an incredible time. I love dancing around, enjoying myself. The music was loud enough that meeting people was challenging, although we did run into a number of folks, all of them nice. The kids had a great time. There was a bit of a scare when Zoe ran off, but Kevin found her.

Next year, I think I'll try and plan things more in advance. I could see if the Poly Boston folks want some help at their table for a couple of hours. It would also be nice to bring some earplugs and go with someone who is also interested in spending some time dancing. I might need some minding in music that loud: it destroys all my ability to navigate based on sound. It might be nice to go with someone who didn't have kids to watch, even if I also spent some time there with Zoe being amazed at how much fun she can have. While I'm being wishful, perhaps I could work on finding a boyfriend to take to Pride:-)

After, we left our kids at Linda's house. Margaret, Linda, her husband and I went to a gender role free contra dance. I had a great time! This was the second contra dance I've been to; I'm still stumbling around, but it definitely seems like something I'll be able to learn.

I'd really like to thank Linda for putting the ideas behind this all together, and to thank Margaret and Kevin for herding such a large group around. What a wonderful day!


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