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Lately, all three of the adults in our household have been doing work for Painless Security. This has been making me incredibly happy. Kevin and Margaret are really skilled and it is a pleasure to work with them. Also, I feel like we're building something together. We have a variety of interesting projects and are looking at ways to turn the company into more than just a consulting company. This week we've been making some decisions (or preparing to make some decisions) on which projects to take and on how much effort to spend on them. Being in a position to do that with people I enjoy working with makes me so incredibly happy. Thursday was kind of cool as we were putting together a quote for a large project. I think Margaret and Kevin find that sort of paperwork annoying; I agree. But I was filled with joy to think that we were all putting our minds together to figure out what we as a group could do and how we could pull it together. Several other situations recently have filled me with the same sort of joy.


collaboration rules!

i also love the name "painless security" :)
that's wonderful! And I think it says a lot about your household that you can work together on non-household, money-making work. That actually isn't true of a lot of families (I'm not sure it's true of ours, for example. It doesn't bother me, so long as I know it, but it's great to hear about those for whom it's true).

September 2019

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