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Bad Travel Day for Someone Else

Today, I was flying to the UK. I went to pick up my bag. The person helping me handed me a bag. "This is not mine," I said.

"You're Samuel Hartman, right? "


"Then this is your bag." Well, not really. I'm kind of aware of what bag I checked and this sure isn't it. Later, my bag, also tagged as mine, appeared. So, somehow I checked one bag and two bags got checked as mine. I kind of suspected something horrible was going on, because I was sitting on my first flight and just before the door closed, someone ran up to me and handed me a bag tag. I already had the tag for the one bag I had checked. They were quite certain my bag had been retagged. Seems they were wrong.

Yet another argument that airport security is all about inconvenience and doesn't actually make us safer.


OH, my. Did they ever figure out whose bag it was?
I have no idea. For a lot of reasons, but especially in case there was something inside this bag that I didn't want to be involved in from a security standpoint, I left the bag with the luggage service office and avoided giving any contact info. Obviously, since the bag was erroniously checked under my name they could contact me, but I tried to make it clear that since it wasn't my luggage, there was no reason to do so.

September 2019

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