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I was talking about the last half of 2011 with bouncingleaf last night. One quick conclusion: I had a busy 2011. And really it was a good year.

I think work is the biggest success of 2011. I've long had a goal of establishing a lifestyle company with close friends that would be fun to work for and that would be doing interesting things. The goal would be to be successful without being so driven by success that we fail to have fun. For me at least, I think Painless Security is well along that path. I'm enjoying working with Margaret and Kevin; they are doing great work and our clients are happy. There are opportunities to turn some of our consulting into products and that would be great. I'm not sure Margaret and Kevin are as happy as I am. One of the goals for 2012 is going to be to make sure that we're all enjoying ourselves and to try and tune things so that's true.

I've started to think about spirituality and to some extent religion this year. I've had some really wonderful experiences. It's great to have lots of new things to think about on that front.

For me at least, one of the ways to judge how stable something is and how important it is is to watch how people respond to challenges. This year has given me increased confidence in the strength of my relationship with mrw42. Both of us have gone to significant lengths to address some concerns that came up. I think it's really wonderful that our relationship is able to survive both when times are great and when there are challenges. I also am very pleased that we continue to learn and grow together. We've had some great times this year. We had a great get away for our anniversary early this month and we had a wonderful Christmas with our family. I continue to be amazed that I have someone as wonderful as Margaret in my life!
Things are very exciting on other parts of the relationship front as well.

Being a parent continues to be a wonderful experience. It's neat to watch Zoe grow and to watch the complexity of her play increase so much. She reminds me so much of myself..

This year was also filled with friends. I had an opportunity to get together with chardin several times. It's always wonderful when we can connect together. I got to see several groups of other friends in Austin, Germany and California; it was wonderful.

I'm really looking forward to 2012.
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