Sam Hartman (hartmans) wrote,
Sam Hartman

Oops, that was more exciting

While cooking chicken for dinner this morning, I managed to ignite my
shirt. I'm OK. I could tell that something was wrong from th smell; I turned off the burner assuming I had flipped something out of the pan and stepped back. Then I noticed that I was still hot and reached down to find a burning flaming hole in my shirt. I was not at all sure what to do at that point, because I didn't want to burn my face or hair getting the shirt off, but I also didn't want to take any significant time to put it out while still on my body. I ended up deciding to pull it off, which did burn some of my hair, but in retrospect was clearly the right move given the circumstances. My fingers are a bit blistered where I found the fire and my chest and stomach are a bit burned. The shirt is of course a loss, but dinner is fine.

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