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Oops, that was more exciting

While cooking chicken for dinner this morning, I managed to ignite my
shirt. I'm OK. I could tell that something was wrong from th smell; I turned off the burner assuming I had flipped something out of the pan and stepped back. Then I noticed that I was still hot and reached down to find a burning flaming hole in my shirt. I was not at all sure what to do at that point, because I didn't want to burn my face or hair getting the shirt off, but I also didn't want to take any significant time to put it out while still on my body. I ended up deciding to pull it off, which did burn some of my hair, but in retrospect was clearly the right move given the circumstances. My fingers are a bit blistered where I found the fire and my chest and stomach are a bit burned. The shirt is of course a loss, but dinner is fine.


eek! so glad you are ok!
Yes, burns hurt. As a kid, I had rather more experience with that from third degree burns to my leg as a result of tripping and sprawling against a gasoline lawnmower and its muffler. I'd prefer not to have any future significant experience with burns. This was far more like an annoying sun burn. Although it takes so much less time than with the sun with fire. It was really frightening to be standing there wearing a flaming shirt and not be entirely sure how much worse it was going to get if I tried to pull it off.
Yikes! I hope the burns heal quickly. :(
Glad you are ok! If it is hurting, see if you can track down some of the special burn hydrating bandages. I used them nearly six years ago for a nasty burn and they made all the difference in both pain and speed of healing. They were just on the shelf, but I forgot the brand and it was a while ago.

Also, remember the classic stop, drop, and roll. If you suffocate a fire, it'll go out. Fire jugglers just wrap their torches in thick towels, for example.

September 2019

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