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Privacy and the Purpose of this Journal

I started keeping this journal to have a place to post random technical rants, things that are going on in my life and random thoughts about the world and my place in it. I'd like to split off the technical stuff some day but there is insufficient volume right now. For the most part I'm willing to discuss anything in public; I don't feel like privacy now but may in the future. I certainly have at points in the past. I may make some entries friends-only to avoid them getting indexed by Google. I also try to respect other people's privacy; if I get it wrong and manage to say something about you here that you'd rather I not discuss, please let me know.


Google honors robots.txt, and one of the settings for your journal should enable that for you.
Sure, but normally I want entries indexed.
I just like hearing what people I like are doing, so keep posting! :)
Me, too! I'd love to see you post more often :)