Sam Hartman (hartmans) wrote,
Sam Hartman


The current SIPB chair, along with a few active members, are getting to a good start revitalizing the organization. SIPB has declined in active membership over the past few years. I realize that interest in MIT student groups goes in cycles, but it was getting to a point where finding enough student members to hold necessary offices was somewhat problematic. Past attempts to get new members have managed to get people to show up initially but by this point in term previous efforts had started to fall off because new people were not involved in projects or otherwise pulled into the organization. So far, many students do seem to be showing up at meetings and efforts to get some of them involved in projects appear to be working. It's a very positive sign at least. I'm a bit concerned that many of the new students don't seem to be that comfortable around the office; they tend to go there only when they have some specific goal to accomplish at SIPB. This may not actually be a problem, but it is at least a sign of a significant change.

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