Sam Hartman (hartmans) wrote,
Sam Hartman

Sacrifice and Costs of Things

I've been thinking a lot about sacrifice lately. Initially this started with my preparation for my dedication and with pondering the nature of love. I also recently finished Crown of Shadows, the third book in a fictional series that explores the nature of sacrifice and change. And of course it's around yule, a time of year focused on birth of the god, but also on birth of change. When discussing love, I mentioned a creation myth. the god desires to love the goddess so much that he separates from her, accepts life, change and death that love might be possible. That story speaks to me deeply. I find myself pondering and rejoicing.

I guess it might be more traditional to think about sacrifice at a time of death when the price appears to actually be paid. However, I've always found it important for myself at least to consider the cost of things up front. When someone is asking me to do something, I feel a sense of connection and respect when it's clear they understand the cost. It makes it easier to build trust. It seems more amazing to me that we can embrace change, love and risk understanding what it is. And so, I honor and ponder that.

Tags: spirit

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