Sam Hartman (hartmans) wrote,
Sam Hartman

Austin Trip and the Adventure of Life

I'm in a cab back home from Logan airport after a vacation in Austin. It was a wonderful and much needed trip. I saw friends, especially a lot of chardin and did absolutely no work the entire trip. I'm sorry if I missed anyone who wanted to get together; let me know and I will make sure to catch you on the next time through Austin.

It's been a while since I was last in Austin. Probably around mid 2011. I was telling some friends the story of my life since then. I got to the end and one of them said that there sure was a lot going on in my life. He hinted that perhaps there had been too much. I thought about it. There sure has been a lot going on over the past two years. I and painless Security have grown in a lot of interesting ways.

However, I would not choose to have less of an adventure. I'm sad when I think about this some, because I realize that it does drive some people away and make it harder for some people to get close to me. However, I'm also incredibly happy that I am being true to myself and that I am growing and learning as a person. Overall I enjoy the adventure that is my life and its uniquely me. Some of the things that haven't gone well have made me quite sad; I don't enjoy the loss or the bad things. I strive to learn from things that don't go well. However, I wouldn't have the things that have gone well without taking risks. So, yeah, it's been an intense ride, but not I think a reckless one. I'm happy to find I still have friends in Austin to share with and learn from. I feel very happy and content coming back from vacation; I hope I'm ready to face the upcoming challenges at work. Together I think the Painless Security team will soon be able to show some really amazing stuff.

Tags: introspection

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