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Dreams that should not Be

I dreamed about writing/fixing my resume last night. That's probably not too unusual, but the dream was in XML. I didn't know you can dream in XML; I'm still not sure you can. Well, OK, the whole thing wasn't in XML; it sort of shifted back between being very abstract, manipulating the XML with no apparent real world context and me sitting there discussing parts of it. The resume had a bit more power than I'm used to: as I moved around and changed parts of it, my life retroactively changed to fit. That would be kind of useful.


Never underestimate the power of XML!
So write the resume you'd like to have one year hence. See if you can get there from here :)
I'm actually fairly close to having the resume I want to have in a year. Things are going fairly well professionally. I'm being considered for something I really hope I get; the actual need for a resume is part of this application. I thing the dream came from frustration with the various technology options for formatting a resume if you are a geek who cares about logical representation of data. The actual content is simple.



I had a dream that I installed linux on my sleeping bag.

Re: Dreams and meta-shift

I often find I get trapped into meta-level shifts in my dreams. (Installing software on an object would be an example of such a thing.) The common manifestation is the assumption that I can just copy or backup physical objects. I keep running into a part of my brain that says there's something not quite right about assuming I can do that.

September 2019

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