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New Spiritual Blog

I have a new spiritual blog (hartmans_venus) where I'm going to collect my public writings about my work with Venus and my exploration of love. I've written about that here in some protected posts. I've written about the sexual aspects of that elsewhere, and I've written a lot of email to my self and a couple of others capturing some internal thoughts.

I'm finding that I've reached a point where I'm more interested in people being able to read and interact with what I'm doing. At the beginning, the discussions here were to share what was going on in my life with a small number of friends. Now, though, I find I'm interested in building a community, finding others who are doing similar work, and serving as an example for those who want to be mindful in their exploration of love, sexuality and spirit. I may share some of the entries here and on facebook when it seems appropriate.

Some of the content of the blog will openly explore sexuality; some will openly explore spirit and my interaction with the gods.

There may be some things I continue to share with a limited group here, either because it is too unprocessed to share publicly, or because it's more about me and my life than my path, Venus or love.

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Yay for growth!

You have an RSS button there. Would it be ok if I made an RSS feed into Livejournal?

I did not make this one, but this is an example of a syndicated feed:
See hartmans_venus. Turns out you would not have been able to make it had you tried:-( Livejournal only supports http URIs for syndication, but my Venus site forces https for everything. I've added a special hack so the feed URI at least can work via http and added the LJ account.

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