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Sam vs the G5

So A new dual 2.5GHz Apple G5 arrived for me Friday. Installing Linux is proving challenging. It started with the stock Debian 2.6.8 power4 kernels being unable to initialize the CPU. That makes the machine less useful. Someone points out a backport of a ppc64 patch that will allow the kernel to see the CPU. Next up: I'd like to see my SATA disk. Really, having your cdrom be your only media is not as useful as it could be.


A lot of it is technical. I maintain Debian; I can get problems that matter to me fixed in it. Also, for all the software I care about, I can just type apt-get install foo and have the software work. That's important to me. I also have esthetic problems with OS X's package management, layout, design philosophy. Finally, I am for the most part a free software person at heart. I will have a MOL partition if I need OS X.
What SATA chipset is this? I think in the new world order you want to look under the SCSI drivers for the libata SATA drivers. I have an ICH5 SATA driver working quite nicely here these days under 2.6.