Sam Hartman (hartmans) wrote,
Sam Hartman

A Slice of My World

Recently, I wrote a narrative describing a healing ritual I went through; if you read my spirituality blog you've already seen it. However this is a really deep and as far as I can tell accurate look into my soul, and for those who are interested I thought I'd share. I walk through a slice of how I interact with myself, my gods, my community and tribe. The narrative is titled Singing of the Chalice and the Lash. It's rated R for nudity and BDSM (although very little sexual content). I also wrote about the experience of writing and publishing such a narrative. There's a lot of vulnerability and a lot of hope. The blog entry is more-or-less PG13, although it does contain links to NC17 content (all textual). If you're curious who I've become lately, these are great glimpses.
Tags: introspection, spirit

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